Education through Music: Music classes for Hampshire Children

Children love music from a young age, and did you know that there are educational benefits from learning music?

Hampshire children aged 2-8 are invited to harness the power of sound at Education Through Music, a local educational initiative founded by professional musician and qualified teacher Vincent, with classes in Winchester and Emsworth.

Through structured music courses, children will learn music and aural skills through age-appropriate activities such as singing, movement, games and some instruments.

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Just some of the benefits of music include:

mental and physical agility
increased working memory
better pattern recognition
improved gross and fine motor control
improved social awareness
improved auditory perception

Vincent has many years of experience teaching class music in schools and also teaching violin and piano. Education through Music is not a franchise, but is set up and run independently by Vincent, who teaches all the lessons himself.

Activities are based on the world-renowned Dalcroze and Kodály and approaches to learning music. Dalcroze is a multi-sensory approach primarily using whole body movement in order to learn musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmony and nuances of expression.

Kodály is a child-centred approach based on preparation, presentation and practice. Emphasis is placed on developing the ‘inner ear’ through listening, singing and fun activities, leading to reading and writing music later.

Classes are available in Winchester on Saturday mornings and Emsworth on Tuesday afternoons during term times. If you are unable to travel to Emsworth or Winchester, Vincent would be happy to discuss opening up a class in your local area provided there is sufficient interest. Classes run successfully with between 8 and 15 pupils.

Call 07786 253713 to claim your free trial and discover the benefits of music for your child. You can also check out the Facebook page.

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